Lemon Meringue Doughnut

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Unit of Measurement

Method of Preparation

Vanilla Meringue
  1. In a mixing bowl fitted with a whip attachment, add sugar and water.
  2. Whip until sugar is dissolved.
  3. Add PreGel Five Star Chef Albumissimo (Meringue Powder) - 71904and whip until stiff peaks are obtained.
  4. Add PreGel 5-Star Chef Pastry Select™ Vanilla Compound to meringue.
  5. Mix until evenly incorporated; Use as needed.
Lemon Icing (for Doughnuts)
  1. In the bowl of a mixer with the paddle attachment, combine together all of the ingredients and mix until homogenous and smooth.
  2. Glaze the doughnut as desired.
  3. Fill the center with the PreGel Grisbì® Arabeschi® (Italian Lemon Cookie) - 84102 and garnish with Vanilla Meringue torched lightly with a blow torch.


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